Proud to be Sponsoring Montreal's Social Innovation Challenge

We at Ajah are happy to be sponsoring Montreal's Social Innovation Challenge, May 12th-13th, hosted by the United Church of Canada and organized by the team at Percolate. This event invites community members from all sectors to pitch their ideas for a better society. As their website describes,

"The Social Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for people with ideas to meet with funders who want to support people and projects that are committed to making changes in their local neighbourhoods and communities." 

While we are always excited to be involved in events that bring new people and ideas to the non-profit sector, we are particularly invested in the themes of this event: transparency, innovation, and collaboration.

Toronto's Social Innovation challenge was this past weekend, May 6th-7th.  Check out the third place winners from that event, The Canadian Challenge.  Also, you can watch participants from other city's events pitch their ideas on Social Innovation Challenge's YouTube Channel.

 If you have an idea about how to make the Montreal community a better place, or want to hear from people who do, then you can register here.