Ajah and Foundant partner to build Canadian Grants Management API

May 29th, 2017 - Today, Ajah launched its Canadian Grants Management API (Application Programming Interface), developed in partnership with Foundant Technologies. The API is a tool for grants management systems that automatically checks the current charitable status of grant applicants and returns information about them. This helps grants officers by reducing the time they spend on assessing compliance.

The API is based on a similar service that already exists in the US. It will leverage the world-class open data Canada possesses about its charitable sector to create a practical solution for Canadian philanthropic professionals.

“Thanks to the new Canadian Grants Management API,” said Daren Nordhagen, President of Foundant Technologies, Inc., “we are able to offer new services that leverage public information and open data. We have integrated the API into our grants management services to help philanthropic professionals inform their work. This is a great example of how open data can offer practical solutions for the nonprofit sector.”

“This API represents an important piece of basic infrastructure for the Canadian nonprofit sector,” Michael Lenczner, CEO of Ajah, Inc. said. “We believe that having access to relevant information is what will help the sector increase its effectiveness, and we expect this API to be one part of a vibrant and interconnected tools that can enable new services for Canadian non-profits.”

Foundant Technologies provides software to maximize the impact of the philanthropic community to more than 1,200 charitable organizations. Foundant’s rant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) solution makes it easy to receive and evaluate online grant applications, record decisions, and measure outcomes using philanthropy's most user-friendly and affordable online grants management solution.

Ajah is a Montreal-based company that develops data-driven solutions for Canada’s charitable and philanthropic sectors. Ajah builds uniquely useful products by combining its technological expertise with its first-hand experience leading social impact organisations. Ajah believes in the power of new technologies and information sharing to transform Canada’s social impact sector, which is at the heart of its work.