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What We Do


Find Better Funders

Fundraising solutions

We help Canadian nonprofits find the right funders for them - whether its government, private and public foundations, corporations, or high net worth individuals. Our donor-centric “Follow the Money” approach sets us apart from other funder research services on the market. We believe actions speak louder than words and that who funders actually give money to is a better indicator of who they will give to in the future than how they describe themselves.


Communicate Your Philanthropic Impact

Unlock the storytelling potential of your grants

We help funders and CSR teams unlock the storytelling potential of their grantmaking data by making grants information visible and sharable. GrantStory works alongside your grants management system to transform your grantmaking data into interactive graphs, maps, and media that leverages the impact of your funding. GrantStory keeps your grants data up-to-date online and helps your organization connect with stakeholders and communities by using social media engagement and storytelling.


Build Data & Knowledge Infrastructure

establish effective, long-term solutions for your data and information needs

The nonprofit sector is missing the information infrastructure it needs for evidence-based decision making. We apply an ecosystems approach to help funders, systems stewards, and collaboratives build that infrastructure in order to solve their data and knowledge challenges. We help our partners develop practical data & technology strategies, design effective data governance, and implement successful digital transformations. We work with clients from government, international development, and the nonprofit sector.


Our Non-Profit Initiative

Powered By Data


Powered by Data was started by Ajah, in order to leverage our expertise in technology, open data, and to help the social sector as a whole. The initiative has since grown into a project of Tides Canada.

Powered by Data focuses on systemic and policy solutions that benefit the sector as a whole, rather than specific technologies or applications. That’s why they work with key stakeholders, particularly in philanthropy and government, to open up data and increase the sector's capacity to use information effectively. Their approach combines consulting, technical collaboration, research and advocacy to achieve those goals.


About Us

Ajah is a technology social enterprise based in Montreal, Canada, that builds tools and services for the nonprofit sector. We focus on using and generating open and public data to help funders and nonprofits inform their programs and strategies. We develop commercial services, and we also apply our unique expertise to systems-level issues and projects related to data and information in the nonprofit sector.

Ajah’s founders have been at the forefront of community technology for the last fifteen years. We have been internationally recognized leaders in the field of community wireless internet access, and open data for the nonprofit sector. We have been invited to speak and advise on these areas across North America and Europe over the past decade. In 2013, Ajah’s founders created the nonprofit initiative Powered by Data to help the nonprofit sector build open, shared data infrastructure through research, policy, and open government.




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