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Our Approach

We work with funders, nonprofits, government departments, researchers & academia, and multistakeholder initiatives.

Our hypothesis is that the nonprofit sector is missing the information infrastructure it needs for generating and applying knowledge and evidence to its work. We work on building that infrastructure.

We help funders, collaboratives, and systems stewards build infrastructure for their data and information needs. 

Building infrastructure is complex. It requires new processes, governance, and communication to be successful. We take an ecosystem approach to building the right systems and architecture for our clients and partners.

Our expertise is based on decades of experience in technology, open data, governance, and the nonprofit sector.


What We Do


Data & Information Architecture

We help build and connect systems strategic decision-making, measurement, knowledge sharing, and MERL. We work on all aspects of these systems - from collection, to management, to mobilization of data and information.


Data Governance

We develop sustainable and pragmatic governance frameworks for large organizations, governments, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and collaboratives to work with technology and data.


Open Data

We help our clients collect, structure, and publish their data in a format that is accessible, interoperable, and reusable. This includes helping them report their data to open data standards, such as the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).


Evidenced-Based Decision Making

We apply our deep knowledge of technology and years of experience in the nonprofit sector to help clients collect and manage measurement data, and incorporate that knowledge into decision-making.


Data Strategy & Digital Transformation

We help clients transform their organizations and optimize their use of data & information. Our approach prioritizes the development of processes, roles & responsibilities, and an organizational culture necessary to successful digital transformation.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We work with our clients and partners to map their work to the SDGs, track progress, communicate their impact & outcomes, and coordinate efforts - domestically and internationally - in pursuit of the goals. We explore how we can use the SDGs to organize information in the sector.


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